Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A True Best Friend

Thinks that best friends stay best friends, even after months of not seeing you~

Best Friends are the ones who are there ; Whenever; Wherever, However & most importantly.. forever
18 letters. 3 words. 1 meaning.. Best friends forever. This one goes to my bestie !

I miss you, Hez Hadzmi. I always wish you the best & hope one day you will be a great singer.. InsyaAllah, Amin.

Here, I upload my favourite video, hez feat akira. Hehe =P

Monday, 3 December 2012

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

Yesterday, my gf and I were going to watch Twilight. This is the last sequel for Twilight (Breaking Dawn Part 2). I have watched all the sequel of this movies. This movies is one of my favourite movies. This movies is a famous movies and it is based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer. This movies is about a love story between a vampires (Robert Pattinson) and a human ( Kristen Stewart ). At the same time, a bewolf also falling in love to this girl ( Kristen Stewart ). In this movies, Bella ( Kristen Stewart) was change to vampires, she is enjoying her new life and new powers after the birth of their daughter, Renesmee. Soon, however, their family bliss is threatened again , by a new menace. Vampire Irina believes a child like Renesmee could challenge the power and existence of the Volturi. As Irina rallies the Volturi to destroy this potential threat, Bella and Cullens, together with any alies they can assemble - are preparing to fight a crucial , ultimate battle, to protect their family.

Here is some advices from me, better you watch this movies by your own from the first episode before you watch the last episode. It will helps you to understand the plot of this movie :) This is because this movies are related from first sequel until last sequel. For this last sequel, I give 5 stars @ thumbs up. I never forget this awesome movie ! This Breaking Dawn part 2 is very interesting, actions and fantasy. I know, all of you must wondering what happen to this lovely couple? Can they live forever? Well, it's in your hand.. If you want to know the ending, don't forget to go a near cinemas around you before this movie are no longer in cinemas :p